Without compromising on quality and service, we take every step to make your dining experience, a pleasurable one. We believe in giving our customers a fine dining experience, at very reasonable prices.

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Mission Statement

“Inspire healthier communities by connecting people to the real authentic Indian cuisine with traditional clay oven cooking methods the legacy of our food heritage and celebrate Food, Family and Life”

Tandoor Legacy

Tandoori cooking is believed to have originated in Persia and is found in some form throughout Central Asia. A charcoal fire is built in the tandoor and allowed to burn for several hours to heat the oven.
Takes us back by 5000 years to Indus valley and Harappan civilizations of ancient India. Traces of tandoors were found from the excavation of these historical sites. Use of tandoor however is not limited to only the Indian subcontinent; people use tandoor in West and Central Asia as well.
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